The Medical World Does Not Know the Second Puberty

The second puberty is often used to refer to the condition of middle-aged people who behave like teenagers. To answer this second puberty, let's discuss what is meant by the true meaning of puberty. Puberty is a period when the body is sexually mature, marked by the functioning of the reproductive organs. In this period, the body begins to change, from a child's body to an adult's body. In men, this change is due to the release of testosterone by the testes, while in women, it is caused by the hormone estrogen produced by the ovaries or ovaries. In addition to physical changes, puberty is characterized by changes in behavior and psychological. Psychologically, adolescents who experience puberty will tend to be more aggressive with mood swings. Their behavior also becomes more courageous in trying new things that are not necessarily good, such as having sex, drinking alcoholic beverages, or smoking. In adolescent girls, puberty generally occurs at the age of 9-14 years a
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